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The Aden Emergency was an insurgency against the British forces in the British controlled territories of South Arabia which now form part of the Yemen. Partly inspired by Gamal Abdel Nasser pan Arab nationalism, it began on 10 December 1963 when a grenade was thrown at a gathering of British officials at Aden Airport. A state of emergency was then declared in the British Crown colony of Aden and the Aden Protectorate. The emergency escalated in 1967, hastening the end of British rule in the territory, which had begun in 1839. On 30 November 1967, British forces withdrew and the independent People’s Republic of South Yemen was proclaimed.

The Aden conflict began in 1963. Our collection covers British deaths prior to the official date, and includes the details of over 200 casualties. The records can include information such as a person’s name, service number, rank, age, date and place of birth, battalion and regiment, awards, family details, residence, as well as details of their death and burial.