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The Department of Lands and Survey was established in 1876. It was originally responsible for many different spheres, including Crown lands and roads, surveys, forests and agriculture, and even immigration and health, and tourist resorts. In subsequent years, other departments took over some of these responsibilities.

The New Zealand Lands & Surveys Department Nominal Roll is an index of 269 staff members employed by New Zealand’s Lands and Survey department in 1901. The information was sourced from a report to the New Zealand House of Representatives concerning these workers’ details of employment, including length of service and pay rates. ‘Officers’ was simply another term for ‘staff’, and the Lands and Survey Department employed a wide range of workers, including surveyors and assistant surveyors, draughtsmen, lithographers, rangers, clerks, auditors, cadets (both male and female), and more.

The amount of information listed varies, but a record can include the officer’s name, department, where they were stationed, the length of their service and rate of pay, as well as any other comments and details of their employment.