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After World War 2, Malaya was under British colonial rule. In 1946, the British government proposed creating a Malayan Union, which resulted in widespread political unrest and the creation of the Federation of Malaya in 1948. The Federation created a union among the territories and guaranteed rights of Malayans, a move which distressed the Malayan Communist Party (MCP).

On the 18 June 1948, the military branch of the MCP, the Malayan National Liberation Army (MNLA) waged a guerrilla war against commonwealth forces that would rage for a further 12 years. The Commonwealth armed forces represented regiments from the British Army, New Zealand Army, Australian Army, British Indian Army, Canadian Army and the Malayan Police.

These records list the details of 1,541 commonwealth servicemen who died in the conflict. They typically contain information such as name, service number, rank and regiment, age, year of death, cause of death, awards, and details of burial.

These records have been compiled by Martin Edwards and are published by arrangement.